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I want this website to serve as a directory for us to all share and promote our shows. So, if you want your show already included in our directory and eligible to be spotlighted or featured, please submit the following to me­:

  • Your first and last name, email address, current town, phone number (optional)
  • Your podcast name, description, and URL(s)
  • Your podcast thumbnail art (400 x 400px)
  • OPTIONAL: YouTube-hosted promo URL
  • OPTIONAL: Show player embed code

Want your chance to have your show spotlighted or featured on our home page? I draw show names from a hat at each MeetUp for those coveted positions. What a great opportunity to gain extra exposure for your show, right? So, submit your show(s) today and join us at our next MeetUp. I'm excited for this new website to become a place for us to all market and grow our shows!!

And, remember to jump onto our new Twitter­, Instagram­, and Facebook pages for constant updates and podcasting information.

~Jaime "Jemmy" Legagneur, Organizer

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