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Vox Pop Workshop – Cancelled!!!

Palm Beach Podcasters!!

Have you ever seen those classic man-on-the-street interviews and thought, “I’d like to learn to master that!”? Well, now is your chance!! That kind of rapid-fire interview is called vox-populi, and it can be a great way to switch up the format of your show for a special episode here and there–aside from just being a lot of fun. Vox pop is perfect for gathering a wide range of opinions on a single topic.

If you have a recording device, please bring it along for this one. At this meeting, we will brainstorm some ideas on how you can use vox pop on your podcast, and I will share some tips I learned from both doing things right and doing things wrong, lol. Eek!

I had the chance to conduct my own vox pop interview back in 2016, and, it is still one of the most popular episodes on my show, Curve the Cube. So, if you aren’t quite sure what vox pop is or how fun it can be to integrate into your show’s mix, check out that episode:


And, the PGA Tour Store welcomes you to bring your own food and drink with you.

Thanks again to all who came out on June 2nd, and please RSVP for August 4th. Remember to bring your show cards for your chance to be our next Spotlight or Featured podcast. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again!!  (And, if you have a friend interested in podcasting, please bring them along. All are welcome!)

Also, please be sure to like our Facebook page and MeetUp group and to also follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @PBPodcasters. And, remember to submit your show to our directory!!

See you FRIDAY, August 4th at 6:00 at the PGA Tour Superstore!!

1040 Linton Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33444


~Jaime “Jemmy” LegagneurCurve the Cube Podcast, Eggheads After Hours PodcastFlint Stone Media


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